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  • Rockin the grub pub

    47 Hancock Ave 45011 Ill be rockin The GrubPub tonight at 7pm Ill have tickets for both the bicycle and penthouse stay contests.

  • 80cc Gas powered bike.

    sold ten tickets today, only 100 total tickets will be sold, get your tickets now $5 each.

  • Win a custom made gas powered bicycle

    Brand new 80cc engine, clutch, throttle 200 miles per gallon, top speed 40mph $5 per ticket, only 100 tickets will be sold, tickets can be purchased at my shows, see it here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0yGZ8d2yZtZxQepo5xzrR6vSp76EZ48ViPGwZkZDs92nyP3TuCZG4st5otPR7Tzrrl&id=100065529721829&sfnsn=mo

  • Time To Rock

    Get your room for $45 when you use code wd03 at check in Jethros Tiki Hut located in Aberdeen Ohio tonight 9pm.

  • Getting ready for Renee Combs Party.

    Cant wait for this one, rolling rock show setup, great people and good times.

  • Big shout out!

    Would like to thank everyone for coming out and making the Dayton Lane Pub show this past WED an awesome event.

  • Dayton Lane Pub

    Ill be rocking the world famous Dayton Lane Pub oct 5th at 9pm.

  • Oct 8th Jethros Tiki Hut

    Oct 8th Jethros Tiki Hut

    Dont forget to use code WD03 to get your room for $45 for my show in Aberdeen Ohio at Jethros Tiki Hut, 1830 US-52, Aberdeen, Ohio, USA. CALL TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM (937) 795-2203 tell them Wayne Davis Rocks sent you. This place is an epic getaway from what ails you for sure.

  • A year in the making

    One year ago today facebook came back online after almost a week down, I promised you all I would build my own website and that I did, lots of work and time was invested in this project, hope you all enjoy it and any suggestions will be appreciated, you can send them to waynedavis@waynedavisrocks.com

  • Thoughts for the evening

    A dream not invested in is a future what if.