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  1. Best one man band in the land!! High energy show. A magician of musicians. Playlist that fits everyone. Just an absolute amazing show. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‼

  2. Would love for you to play in North Florida, South Georgia or Southeastern Alabama!!! You bring life back to music!!!

  3. I’ve been around awhile brother, seen and knowed alot of musicians in my days, but I ain’t ever seen nobody do what you do when you lock in on Jack’s guitars, you absolutely blow my mind, and what’s amazing about it all, is the fact that youen and that machine are one, unbelievable, you Rock Wayne Davis, you fuckin rock!!

  4. Wayne you Rock, Looking forward to your return for the 2024 Oxford Lodge Charity Car show and the City of Oxford’s Freedom Festival Parade 👍

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